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Since 1999 Fostering Support Ltd has been helping Foster Carers through Fostering Allegations. For Foster Carers, this is one of the most horrible situations imaginable....

I just felt completely alone. No-one called to tell us what was happening; they just took the child and stopped our fostering allowances. They said they would be in touch but no-one was.

Fostering Allegations

Research shows 5% of all Foster Carers have a complaint made about the standard of their care or an allegation of neglect or physical, emotional or sexual abuse every year. We are passionate about providing Fostering Carers Support.

Investigations leave foster carers isolated, scared and suspended from receiving fostering payments for months at a time. Fostering Support Ltd is the only UK dedicated provider of Independent Support for foster carers subject to Fostering Allegations and complaints.

National Standards and Government Guidance seek to ensure that Foster Carers are Supported. Many Fostering Services work with us to ensure this. If you prefer however to arrange your own support, complete the ISAS subscription form today.

Apply before Fostering Allegations in order to qualify and protect yourselves, your family and your Fostering Registration.

Fostering Allegations

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